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Residence Castello - Otranto

Situated in the Santa Cesarea municipality a few meters away from the sea, the apartments vaunt a unique and unmissable panoramic view. It is certainly one of the most fascinating places in Salento region, especially due to its extreme vicinity to the famous Santa Cesarena Terme, with its springs of chlorinated, sulphuric and iodic waters, well known for its incredible medical and wellbeing thermal cures. Not far from these, there are magnificent natural sceneries that you will fall in love with, such as Romanelli Caves, Zinzulusa and the legendary Enea’s dock in Porto Badisco. A few kilometers away you will find Otranto with its historically symbolic places: the Cathedral with its marvelous mosaic rich of biblical passages and mythical characters, Aragonese castle, Saint Peter’s Byzantine Basilica and the historical center.
Apartments in Santa Cesarea Terme

Apartment 1

A few steps away from the sea, the apartment is located on the mezzanine of the venue a

Apartment 2

A few steps away from the sea, which can be perfectly seen from a private balcony, the

Apartment 3

One of the most requested apartments, it vaunts a breathtaking view from its private ba

How to Reach Us

By Plane

Brindisi airport is about 94 Km away from Santa Cesarea Terme. Salentointrenoebus coaches ( will bring you to Lecce and Santa Cesarea Terme. You can rent a car or hire a taxi.

By Train

Reach Lecce train station. Once there, you can reach Otranto by using South-West Railroad and Salentointrenoebus coauches ( You can rent a car or hire a taxi.

By Car

Once your reach the Puglia region on Bari Nord highway, follow Brindisi-Lecce direction. When in Lecce, take East circumferential road in the direction of Maglie – Leuca and then Santa Cesarea Terme, Roma street, 127.

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